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TCP/IP Basic Programming

Course Description

TCP/IP rules electronic communications. It is the de facto standard for transporting data across the Internet and throughout any company's enterprise. The services fueled by TCP/IP are mobile data, voice in data networks, network management, routing, and switching. If you want to be successful at communication protocols, you MUST know TCP/IP. Students will learn about the structure and architecture of the TCP/IP protocol. Also, students will learn understand how IP functions in applications.

Who Should Attend

Designed for software analysis, developers, technical managers and project managers who require expertise in the TCP/IP protocol for network programming.


Basic knowledge about software development, hardware and general knowledge about UNIX systems.

What you will learn:

  • TCP/IP Introduction
  • Learn networking terms and concepts.
  • Examine a TCP/IP address
  • Data representation
  • Conversion from binary or hex to decimal
  • Conversion from decimal to binary or hex
  • Ethernet addressing
  • Protocol type
  • IP Addressing, Subnetting, and Routing
  • DNS
  • Name server
  • IP Routing
  • TCP/IP protocol
  • Host-to-host layer categories
  • Connectionless protocol
  • Connection-oriented protocol
  • UDP sample data exchanges
  • Well-known port numbers
  • Registered port numbers
  • TCP three-step handshake
  • Four-step session shutdown
  • TCP/IP Applications
  • Understand how HTTP, Telenet, FTP, SNMP, and SMTP work.
  • FTP
  • The TCP/IP Family of Protocols
  • Network interface layer
  • Host-to-host layer
  • Internet layer
  • Application layer